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CASAMUNDO partner programme for affiliates

As an online partner you have the opportunity to work with us as part of the CASAMUNDO partner programme and to earn money based on the conversions your traffic brings us. The partner programme is a completely free way for you to generate booking fees based on advertising embedded into your website.

You will find detailed information in our terms and conditions.

Commission model

As a CASAMUNDO partner you earn an attractive commission from the first time one of our holiday rentals is booked through the traffic from your site.

Your commission will be determined by the prices that form CASAMUNDO's own commission basis (excluding additional costs, extra services, etc.).

During the course of the financial year all mediated bookings will be rewarded with our basic commission of 4.5%.

The commission only applies to customers that have completed their trips and will be paid monthly as long as the commission amount reaches at least €25.00. Should the accrued amount be under the minimum, the sum will be carried over to the next month.

Eligibility requirements

A successful and profitable partnership is based on the following eligibility requirements.

As a CASAMUNDO partner, you guarantee that

  • Your website features no violence, sexual content, or discriminatory, abusive or defamatory statements or content regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • Your website features all the required legal information
  • Your website is ready and not in (re-)construction
  • Your domain and the content of your website doesn't violate any laws or infringe upon the rights of any third parties, particularly regarding patent, intellectual property, brand or other commercial laws as well as all personal rights
  • No spam is sent from your website
  • No search engine advertising is used on your website, either using the brand name CASAMUNDO, or any associated domains from the advertisement text, as advertising URL and as key words, regardless of spelling
  • No direct forwarding to CASAMUNDO URLs takes place on your website, apart from official, obviously identifiable and prominently placed CASAMUNDO advertising, and cookies can only be created once the user has voluntarily clicked and confirmed
  • Domain name, content and layout of your website cannot in any way lead to risk of confusion with CASAMUNDO
  • Your website does not feature travel offers from eBay or other auction houses

Read more about our participation requirements in our contract conditions on the left under the task menu.

To give our users the best value, CASAMUNDO reserves the right to refuse registration for websites that are not travel related, or do not have a travel-interested user base.

If the terms and conditions are violated, entitlement to commission is lost; furthermore unpaid commission may also be cancelled.

Advertising material

In order to best market our product we can provide you with CASAMUNDO’s very own attractive advertising material regarding current offers and travel themes. We offer you banner in various formats and sizes with regional emphises. Alternatively you can publish a link on your site or integrate our individual iFrame.

Further information and the guide to integration of our advertising material is available on request, or after successful registration for our partner programme.


1. How quickly will my registration be processed?

We try to have all registrations processed within three working days.

2. How does the integration of advertising material work and which ones can I use?

You can use text links, an Iframe or a banner. After a successful registration and activation for CASAMUNDO’s campaign we will grant you access to our diverse range of advertising material. Simply copy the HTML codes to the source code of your own website. We regularly update and expand our variety of banner ad layouts, sizes and regional focuses. Further information and the guide on how to integrate our advertising material is available on request.

3. What does CASAMUNDO recommend in order to increase the number of bookings through my website?
  • Establish a clear reference to travel on your website, this increases the booking probability substantially
  • Display CASAMUNDO advertising material in a visible position on your website
  • Use text links and deep links to CASAMUNDO subpages with relevant regional or thematic offers
  • Optimise your website for search engines such as Google
  • Use paid keyword advertisement for your website and please keep in mind the CASAMUNDO partner programme eligibility requirements regarding search engine advertising.
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