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CASAMUNDO partner programme for travel agencies

As a travel agency, you have the opportunity to profit from holiday rental bookings without needing agency contracts with the operators we act as an agent for. This way, you have direct access to over 700,000 holiday properties on our platform.

You book over a link and receive a commission. It's not absolutely necessary to integrate our link onto your website, but it is of course possible in the form of banners, text links or an iFrame. In case you’re interested in additional advertising, please contact us in advance.

You will find detailed information on the partner programme in our terms and conditions on the left under the task menu.

Commission model

As a CASAMUNDO partner you earn an attractive commission from the first successfully mediated booking on.

Your commission will be determined by the prices that form CASAMUNDO's own commission basis (excluding additional costs, extra services, etc.).

During the course of the financial year all mediated bookings will be rewarded with our basic commission of 4.5%.

The commission only applies to customers that have completed their trips and will be paid monthly as long as the commission amount reaches at least €25.00. Should the accrued amount be under the minimum, the sum will be carried over to the next month.


For a successful and mutually profitable partnership, we ask our partners to observe the following guidelines for our CASAMUNDO partner programme.

1. What do I have to consider when registering for the partner programme?

In order to receive commission for bookings made via your website, you have to register on TradeTracker and sign in for the CASAMUNDO campaign. Once you have filled out and submitted your registration, it will be checked and activated manually. Equally, any application for our campaign will be cross-checked. We try to process all registrations within three working days. Bookings without prior registration can only be credited to a partner account after registration on a case-by-case basis and as a gesture of goodwill.

2. How do I book a CASAMUNDO holiday property for my customers?

Please use a text link that you can find in your partner account. The link takes you straight to the CASAMUNDO site that you should book on. Our partner system can automatically recognize that the booking was made through your website thanks to cookies in the browser. Please make sure your browser allows cookies, otherwise we cannot automatically attribute the bookings to your website. Please read the step-by-step guide on the booking procedure prior to your first booking. This guide is attached to the confirmation e-mail you receive after successful registration.

The booking has to include the customer data, in particular their email address. In certain cases we receive bookings merely as binding booking requests that ultimately require confirmation by the corresponding landlords. Options are unfortunately not available.

Should the customer require more information about a property, or should you have questions regarding payment processing, please contact our service team.

3. How do I know that my booking was assigned to me?

You can view all of your bookings in your personal partner account. A recent booking will be displayed here within the hour following the transaction.

4. Can I change the prices?

No, the prices that are published on www.casamundo.com are not changeable, because CASAMUNDO is generally not the travel agent. Prices are therefore predefined and must be adhered to.

5. How is the debt collection organised?

Direct collection: The debt collection will be executed directly by CASAMUNDO or our contractual partners (tour operators). Your customer will receive an invoice either by CASAMUNDO or the mediating operator and accordingly pays these parties as well. This also applies to payments via bank transfer and credit card. The payment and business terms that apply are defined by CASAMUNDO or the corresponding operator.

6. May I charge my customer a booking fee?

You can charge a fee for your travel agency. CASAMUNDO and its partners (tour operators) shall remain unaffected. This fee has to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The customer must be explicitly informed by the travel agency that the fee is charged by and for the travel agency.

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